Where Will Your Next Breakthrough Come From?

We fuse the power of intuition with data to solve problems with non-obvious solutions

Connecting Humans & Data

We believe that data is important for solving problems and making connections. Data is indeed powerful. While there are some tools on the market to help us better understand the data we are collecting, there is still a huge gap between interrupting the data and putting it back to work for your businesses.

It's Time To Start Solving Real Problems

We built a diverse team of problem solvers with intention, who are passionate about making an impact in the world. Our experience in healthcare, marketing, sales, entrepreneurship, and leadership as well as other areas of life and business, gives Spôrk a unique perspective on the problems we all are facing when it comes to big data

Business that have enterprise wide Big Data strategy
Increase in the need for Data Scientist over that last year
Increase in the need for Clinical Data Analysis over the last year
Increase in the need for Data Visualization over the last year
Percent best in class companies are more likely than All Others to have processes in place that support widespread sharing of data.

Bring Meaning Back To Your Data

Big Data isn’t just about numbers. Behind every number or data point is a person. A human with purpose, a meaning, and a story. It is the story of a person who took a particular action which triggered an event. At Spôrk, it’s our goal to help make big data more meaningful to its users, more relatable at the end point. From helping a hospital streamline processes to serve their patient’s better or helping a business adequately understand their website traffic and users experience. We use data to create meaningful connections and produce beautiful results.